October 20, 2010


11/5 - the overdose
12th Tribe - livin in babylon
3x Krazy - stackin chips
51.50 Illegally Insane - awol missing in action
Above The Law - v.s.o.p.
ATC - all too critical
Baddgrlzs - deadly ground
Baldhead Rick & SB - unlv
Big Snake - doin da thang
Blackhouse - step into the black house
BNR - who's bubblin
Bonehard Productions & Big Mello - wegonefunkwichamind
Bookie - stressin
Brotha Lynch Hung - season of da siccness
Brotha Lynch Hung - loaded
Brotha Lynch Hung - now eat
C-Bo - tales from the crypt
Capital Punishment - livin on the edge of a razor
Capital Tax - swoll package
Celly Cel - killa kali
Chunk - menace to the game
Click, The - down and dirty
Condition Red - condition red
Conscious Daughters - ear to the street
COPS - it's a boy
Coup - steal this album
Crime Boss - all in the game
D-Hoodlum - my hoodlumish ways
Dangerous Dame - same ole dame
Dangla - straight max'n
Dayton Family - what's on my mind
Delinquents - smooth getaway
Dirty D - it could be yours
DFC - things in tha hood
DMW - ghetto drama
Doctor B - yes there is a doctor in the house
Dove Shack - this is the shack
Down-N-Dirty Hustlas - sco town
Down South Hustlers - bouncin and swingin
E-A-Ski - ski $ cmt
Eazy-E - 5150 home 4 tha sick
EBH - drop'n da pound
End Crowd - the end crowd
Fat Pat - ghetto dreams
First Degree - planet zero
Gangsta Rhyme Posse - skunk / livin in the point
Ganksta Nip - psycohotic genius
Gateway - the gateway
Gelo - havin it my way
Govenor - floss mode
IFA - international family affair
Indo G - angel dust
K-Maxx - still rollin
Kaos - in the mist of kaos
Kollision - high performance
Lawless - here's to you
Lil Pigg Penn - the hogg in me
Loco Mente Clique - summertime maddness
Luni Coleone - total recall
Mac T - retaliation
MAK - make a killin
MC Ren - kizz my black azz
MC Twist - comin thru like warriors
Mistery - rollin wit tha funk
Mobbin Thru The Bay
Mr Money Loc - no fear no pain
Pat Chilla presents H-Bomb - funkin IV life
PFL: Playaz 4 Life - major game
Poets & Gangstas Compilation
Primo - stickin to the script
Project Born - born dead
Quint Black - dirty rice
Ray Luv - who can be trusted
Reckless Abanden - reckless
Richie Rich - half thang
Richie Rich - seasoned veteran
ROA - ready 4 anythang
Roots - from the underground
Scarface - mr scarface is back
Scarface - the untouchable
Seagram - souls on ice
S.I. Riders - s.i. riders
Sick Wid It Records - the hogg in me
Side 2 Syde - sky ballin
Sirgeo - yellow brick rode
Smoke - come and get me
SNOP - lifestyles of the poor & starv'n
Suga T - paper chasin
Tabb-Doe And The Money Mobb - reality check
Terrorists - full scale attack
Three 6 Mafia - mystic stylez
Three 6 Mafia - underground vol.1
Top Authority - rated g
Totally Insane - totally insane
Underground Rebellion - don't tweek
Underground Rebellion - they ain't diggin the way we came at'em
Way Out Records - it's rainin dope
Weirdoz - everyday everywhere
West Coast Bad Boyz II
West Coast Rhyme Sayrz - the land of pimps and hoes
Young Dre - hated by many