11/5 - collections: bootlegs & g-sides
11/5 - collections: bootlegs & g-sides II
187 Fac - fac not fiction
2 Tymz - and then there were two
3-Deep - sucker free ep
5th Ward Boyz - pwa (single)
AK-9ine - the struggle
Andre Nickatina - raven in my eyes
AP.9 - military mindstate
Askari X - aka ricky murdock
Askari X - ward of the state
A$E - urban cinema
ATC - all too critical
Bay Area Playaz - compilation
Bay Rydaz Compilation
Baldhead Rick & SB - unlv
Barn Yard Pimps - seewuthadhappendwz
Big Drawz - eargasm
Big Mack - a better way
Big Mack - doin it live (single)
Big Mack - mack truck: everybody wanna roll
Bigg-Note & Bigg-Reese - legal prostitution
B.I.G.T.I.M.E. - married to the game
Blackjack - street 2 da grave
Blaxicans - rain
Blayze McKee - from the cradle to the stage
Bookie - street buzz
Boyz N Black - boyz n black
Breeze - pontiflets pardigras
Brimstone - juggernaut
Butcha Jones - american dream
C-Bo - tales from the crypt
C-Bo - the autopsy
Caprice - operation occupation
Children of Sin - unyahlation
Choke Artist - insaine maine
Chris aka Vitamin C - comin' home
Chunk - break em off a chunk
Chunk - marked for death
C.I.N. - richmond roulette
Clee Dogg - it's been a long time comin
Cleezi - block 2 block
Click, The - down and dirty
Closed Caption - greens
Closed Caption - the harvest
Cloud Nine - last days of a hustler
Clyde Carson - bass rock
Clyde Carson - hyphy juice (single)
Cold World Hustlers - cold streets
Cold World Hustlers - iceland
Concrete Poetry - mile high underground
Cory Mo - inconspicuously evident
Cosher - locomotive
Cozmik Law - on tha brink
Cut Throat - the album
D-Day - black rain
D-Flexx - planet playa
D-Hoodlum - my hoodlumish ways
D-Reel - cheddar chase
Da Lench Mob - chocolate city (single)
Da Unda Dogg - cuddiez from da crest
Daddy V - underground gangsta hits
Dangerous Dame - same ole dame
Dangla - straight max'n
Dark Side Compilation - volume 1
Darkxide Asxylum - illness
Deco-D - surgery on the game
Dee-Mack - doin it my way
Dee-Mack - visions
Delinquent Habits - lower eastside (promo)
Delinquents - smooth getaway (single)
DIZ - its my turn
Doctor B - yes there is a doctor in the house
Doff Kapone - money mack on a million
Dogg Pound - exclusives (promo)
Dogg Pound - sittin on 23's (single)
Dolla Will - make it look easy
Dolla Will - separate mine
Dre Dog - new jim jones
Dru Down - dru down (og green cd)
DTL - dyin 2 live
Dundada - oakland (single)
E-40 - the mail man (solar music group version)
E-A-Ski - showdown (single)
E-Kain - lifestyle that i live
E&J - pay-pa
Easop - time has come
EB Daddy of da Hood - hood rebel
Eightball & MJG - space age (promo)
EL - the choosin fee
Enrique Juarez - thatz y
Eric T - feel the rhythm (oakland promo)
Esinchill - vigilante
F.D.P. Inc - stress worries & tension
Fearless Crowd - fearless life
Filthy Rich Ridaz - filthy rich ridaz
Fingerbangerz - vi-r-us
Flo Masters - volume 2
Fly Nate tha Banksta - nothin but the money
Foe - scissorhands
Fortune-N-Fame - who is it
Full Clip - 2nd chamber
Fully Loaded - street heat
Funk Mafia Aztlan - well equipped
Game Related - soak game
Gangsta Reese - full metal jacket
Goodie Mob - cell therapy
Gorilla Monsoon - alienation
Govenor - floss mode
GP - finally
Greedy - i shootz this
Green Team - ride & mack
Haiku D'etat - self titled
Hectic - seld titled
Hollow Tip - thug status
Hugh EMC - the collection
IFA - international family affair (og pressing)
IFA - rollin (single)
IFA - throw ya hands up (single)
IFA - 3 track promo
Isolated In The Game - compilation album
JJ Boy - the miser
JT the Bigga Figga - game tight
JT the Bigga Figga - playaz n the game
Just Mello - since day one
K.A.T., Da - still subbin
Kaz Kyzah - no money mo problems
Killa Team - club zone
Kilo Ali - organized bass
King Czar - king czar mobs
King Pharo - da pittbull project
Knowledge Bone - turnin over the game
Kool Rock Jay - street Life
KZO - best kept secret
Land of Da Lost - gone fishin
Leon Bowles - classy lover (oakland soul)
Leon Bowles - stories in the night (oakland soul)
Les Vegas - do dirt crew
Lil Clyde - raised by the game
Lil Ric - deep n tha game
Lootaz - loot the world
Lost Soulz - darkside of da bay
Louieville Slugga - all work no play
MAC - mobism
Mac & AK - grind time (single)
Mac & AK - hustle music
Mac & AK - money rhymes
Mac Dre - pill clinton
Mac Mall - lets get a telly (single)
Mac Mall - sic wit tis (ep)
Mac Tyi - hyphy slaps & purple sacks
Mack 10 - backyard boogie (promo)
Mackin Too Tough - get the hint
Macksican - u 4-1-feelin me
Mad Ill - only in one lifetime
Madd Currency - madd currency
Malik Diamond - journey to the west (promo)
Marvelous & Peaches - wobble on da stick
Madism - mind of maddism
Mafiosos - fo tha money
Masta Steele - blow the doors
MC Ren - maxi single
Menace Man - point pushas
Messy Marv - messy situationz
Messy Marv - explosive mode (og orange cd)
Mia X - unlady like
MIB: Mob Is Back - da goonz
MidwestSiders - self titled album
MIK - uncut (rare stockton g-funk produced by Mike D)
Milkman - reminisce
Mob Figaz - self titled
MOBB, Tha - good time (single)
MOBB, Tha - never trust em
Mojack Daniels - mojack
Mr Doc Loui - southwest cali connected
Mr E - i'm serious
Mr Evil-E - heaven dont want me
Mr Iroc - finally on tha map
Mr Pookie - tha rippla
Ms Parle - 1 bad mother comin at cha
Murder Squad - scc presents murder squad nationwide
Natural Go Gettas - industry ridaz
Neva Legal - potnaz in crime
No The Piper - whos sexn who
No Screws - startin from scratch
Nor Cal Ridaz - northern heat
Northside - dodge city
Nu Opps - last dayz
Official Top Floor Fam - the birth
On Ice E - we konnecked
One Thang - flawless
Organ G - tha organ g
Organized Crime - trapped inside a bomb
Oso & Kid - legendz
OTR Clique - streets deeper than the grave (og)
P-19 - 100% dope out the ghetto
P-Folks - smoke inhalation blood sweat & tears
Pawray - puttin it down
PDR Superstars - hard on the world
Pho Balo - na-palm
Pho Balo - nasty
Platinum Playaz - collection
Platinum State - self titled
PODE - saga continues
Poppa LQ - your entertainment my reality
Potna Deuce - welcome to da tilt
Prez-E-Dent - we smokin (single)
Prophets of Rage - my power
Psycho - ballin 4 life
Psychodrama - do whatcha wanna do
Que - questions & answers
Rainbow - lesson five
RBL Posse - hostile takeover
Rhythm & Green - music and mail
Rick Flare - cut the check
Rico Pabon - louder than fiction
Rinnessy - all iz never said
Road Dogs - the city
Rob G - foretold truth
Rob G - what type of playa
Roots - roots from the underground
Royal Family - on top of the world
Rush Tribe - freshmen release senior material
Samraw - i aint playin
San Quinn - live n direct (og)
San Quinn - the hustle continues
Seff tha Gaffla - livin kinda lavish
Servin Tha World Click - shippin n handlin
Sho City - self titled
S-I-C - long lasting
Silk-E - urban therapy
SIQ - kinky (member of Blue House Boyz)
Sirgeo - yellow brick rode
Skant - bread and born
Skee 64 - the struggle the hustle the hate
Skip Dog - 1st the money then the power
Skull Duggery - these wicked streets
Slim - what i do (single)
Somethin Differant - luis segura, valentino & bigg-g
Son Of A Gun - unda tha sun (rare Arizona rap promo)
Soul Dawgs - destiny
Souljas 4 Life - the introduction
South Coast Party Crew - escape from new orleans
Spice 1 - 187 he wrote
Streets Of Rage - streets of rage
Suga T - paper chasin
Sugabear - mr hustlematic
Swazy Mack - badder and badder
Swoop G - undisputed
T-Lo - ashes II ashes
T-Lowe - keep it real
Team - beyond the glory
Team - beyond the glory: pre-season edition
Team - negro league
Tela - why u (promo)
Tesz - tales from tha strip
Thugs - thugs on my payroll
Tight Eyez - now or never
Tizzle - power movez
TMH - evolution
Totally In2 Pleasure - the game (og version)
Totally Insane - back street life
Totally Insane - direct from the backstreet
Town Thizzness - promo release
Tre-8 - ghetto stories
Trigga - armed & dangerous
TWDY - players holiday
U 4-1-Feelin Me - compilation
UDI - drinks on us
Unaffiliated - hate me cause you aint me
Unexpected: 11/5, Cold World Hustlers, UDI, Big Mack - u didnt know
Vellqwan - 17 rounds
Vellqwan - gemini
Vet Tone - on top of my game
VIC - check me out
West Coast Rhyme Sayrz - land of pimps and hoes
What The Hell - self titled
White Cloudz - burn som'n
XPOZ - welcome 2 the zone (Arizona Rap)
Yardsticc of Fam Bam Clicc - inches & centimeters
Young D-Boyz - sellin cocaine as usual
Young Droop - killa valley
Young Joker - whos laughin at cha
Young Life - thugg muzikk
Young Ren - undaground mailroad
Young Twizt - a force to reckon wit
Zigidy - self titled album

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